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NIKE THE DIFFERENCEnike jordan shos

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Puma Blaze Of Glory ‘91

We always like to see the shoe on the strengthening of their design, materials and colors to maintain a consistent comfort zone. To release something new, they are not doing so can really exciting the fans most of the sports shoes and famous.

A good example of this kind of thing from the Puma, the production of shoes, casual wear and shoes for the ideal way of life known. But their color is not always interesting enough, no one lost. As early as 1991, they out of their comfort zone and made a Puma glory in a blaze. This will soon become the retro version.

It came in two different colors and a pair of black, white and gray. Another pair in white, blue and green. The two sides will have its upper, will certainly make them stand out, part of the total spots.

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Puma Suede Mid Velcro – October 2010

Velcro Puma Suede Mid – October 2010 similar to the different types of shoes. These types of shoes are very much in line pink and black, in fact, refers to the number of surface coating for leather shoes, Puma shoes combine things in general. However, when close to the view that it seems to have seen the front of the shoe stitching.

Puma has been such a huge shoe collection and the huge demand for many people. The structure of a collection of good color to create many buyers as the best way. If a person is well aware of the Puma Clyde, then he / she can easily suede velcro design and implementation of a new model, its design is very similar to antique. This type of product development, through a variety of procedures to make it one of the best. It has some make it perfect for an extra functionality.

Puma Suede Mid Velcro

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New Offspring x Converse All Star Hi 2 Strap with Matching Toys

Check out the new offspring Converse All Star Hi two belts, and supporting everyong toys. I like these shoes because they are only composed of a combination of colors, I love a sports shoe. Each model has its own mascot statue supporting future generations, this is a collection of toy doll toy collection or a great future.

Nice new model appears in the color black and pink Converse and other models gray, light blue and red color to. I like black and pink pattern, though. Black’s model with some cool hot shoe lining on the pink accent stitching on the black leather in Nice.

If all have the same toe to sports shoes in the end and around the black Converse sneakers white leather lining and packaging. I love hot rods and white shoe laces, and it is better cool black with pink accent. This is definitely a must buy me shoes.


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Converse anticipates 2010 and welcomes it with a collection

The impact of Chinese clothing fashion design from a few hair has started to dress to the most simple accessories. Before the end of 2009 and, Converse collection with Chinese style, which includes the design and the upcoming 2010, is said to be in the Year of the Tiger according to Chinese calendar color.

Since this is a Converse shoes in China, it is expected, the main color is red – the Chinese lucky color. In addition to the tiger patterns and shoes black / red stripes also have Chinese characters, and Chinese calligraphy.

There are four colors, Converse collection of tigers in part. Charles Taylor’s fans will think this is a must have, especially if they like red.

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Nike Air Griffey Max 1 – White/Black/Sport Red/Metallic Silver

This is undoubtedly one of every baseball fan, when baseball Kengelifei Jr from the 22 strong years after retirement sad moment. But Nike’s a good thing he decided to retire. Nike has released his signature shoe the old and new color. All of his signature shoe, the Air Griffey Max 1 is the most popular. So Nike decided to give us in the spring of 2011, one of the largest air Griffey a new color.

This Nike Air Griffey biggest came in a white / black / sport red / metallic silver color. Material selection is unknown, but you can be sure that Nike will use this situation. Red lace cover plate, tongue, laces and fender. Black is seen lining, ankle strap, Nike cyclones, heels and soles. Clear white is to use the side panels and in the end, and metallic silver accents appear throughout the design.

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Nike Trainer 1.2 Mid Chris Johnson Player Exclusive

Chris Johnson is the best running back in the NFL. Last season, Chris Johnson is the NFL leader in Rush last year, this is a very big achievement. So Nike decided to give Chris Johnson a very well paid. Look at the Nike 1.2 in mid-coach. This is the Nike 1.2 have given coach Chris Johnson as a player exclusion. Some other NFL players also received a couple of Nike trainer 1.2 player exclusion. Both Troy Polamalu and Adrian Petersen, early in his career won the Nike trainer 1.2.

Nike trainer 1.2 the color really surprise me, because no Titan’s blue sports shoes. Therefore, as said, this trainer uses a 1.2 red / white color. Red covered toe, heel, sides, tongue, strap and bottom. White is one of Nike into the cyclone, the inner layer, bottom, top and bottom holes to use.

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Nike zoom kobe v in wolf grey

Nike zoom kobe v in wolf grey

We all know that Kobe Bryant won his play, he wore the Nike Zoom Kobe five rings so the latest version of the series from Kobe, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers have seen the winner is about to do amazing magic here know one end of wolf-grey/black/red color. Wolf in a different color combination of gray color has been amazing watching basketball shoes. Air Max 97’s recent proposal to speed up the rhythm and provides the main color in the color scheme of gray wolf, which was taken away, not look up one of the best title.

Nike Zoom Kobe and hot pink accents, gray wolf gray wolf on V is another impressive enthusiasts Bryant. Although the black and red color and Kobe is a regular, but by touching the gray wolf into a smooth and has added a new and unique aspects of the collection. Gray color effects so many advantages, Bryant V is currently looking for the best from Kobe line of sports shoes.

Nike cyclone, the inner layer, the top is black lace and tongue. Red Tornado involving the border, with outer soles and tongue visible. Black spots on the bottom is red particles. Silver with a red dot among the only couple to provide a unique subject, but also to see Kobe.

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Jordan Pre-Game XT Black University Blue

For those of you who do not have now, before Jordan Brand Jordan XT holding a very special place in history. XT is the Jordan Brand Jordan before the first basketball coach. If you have not seen Jordan before the multi-XT, look at the latest color. XT before the adoption of this Jordan is a black / university blue color. Do you know that the first color come from Jordan. This is obviously inspired by the United Nations Command.

The upper part of the black cap, and the tongue and heel. Dark gray network to place the toe, laces and lining board. Clean white jump right to the top hole, the tongue and the Jumpman in the end. But all eyes turned to the university blue accents. In laces, soles and heels on the outside the university are using the blue Jumpman accent. This is not the look XT before made it to strict performance. If you do this, you can pick up a pair now in the end.

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New Balance M990 Light Green

This new balance M990 features all the beautiful light green suede. This is a very beautiful shoes, and will definitely get some attention.

Suede upper features a combination of green and white decorative mesh accent. These shoes are a good spring and summer light shoes. The green shoes too, but these have been done very well.

You can bingo runner-up of these now eighteen thousand eight hundred yen (about 185 USD). File through the shoes.

New Balance M990 Light Green #1
New Balance M990 Light Green #2
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